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Who I Am

My research focuses on

I have an interest in the fields of bioacoustics and valence in animal emotions. I have partipated to:


Integrated smart systems for endangered species conservation

Developing interactive and monitoring technology to support wildlife welfare in captivity and conservation in the wild.

Privacy-aware multispecies interaction design and applications

Designing privacy-aware systems informed by animals’ boundaries requirements to enable friendly human-animal co-habitation in urban and rural environments.

DOG-SMART HOMES: improving accessibility for Mobility Assitance Dogs

Developing canine-centred light switches and door controls to improve training and performance of Mobility Assistance Dogs. Find out more

Canine signalling interfaces for Bio Detection Dogs

Investigating bio-detection dogs’ spontaneous interactions with pressure sensors to provide reliable communication devices for handler-dog signalling protocols. Find out more

Improving wearability in animal biotelemetry


My doctoral project on evaluating the wearability of GPS collars for cats, designing a wearer-centred prototype that improved wearability, and developing a design framework for establishing wearer-centred requirements for animal wearables. Find out more.

EVENT project


Visiting researcher at Bayreuth University, working on the EVENT project to study the effects of extreme climatic events on vegetation. Find out more.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Experience

From November 2021 to March 2022, I was a visiting researcher at the Machine Vision Group of Prof. Jan Van Gemert at TU Delft, where I worked on a ‘real world’ video dataset to annotate and recognise animal activities.

Since April 2019, I have been a Research Associate in Animal-Computer Interaction, working on designing interactive systems for non-human animals with Prof. Clara Mancini at The Open University.

From October 2014 to March 2019, I researched how to design for wearability in animal biotelemetry.

From 2009 to 2012, I worked as a Research Assistant in projects on maritime telemedicine, wildlife monitoring, and climate change research.

Teaching Experience


Between October 2015 and March 2019, I was a doctoral candidate in Computing at The Open University, where I conducted interdisciplinary research in Interaction Design, Animal Biotelemetry, and Animal Behaviour.

During my Master’s degree in Management of the Natural Environment at the University of Camerino, I specialised in monitoring methods of animal biodiversity.

I specialised in animal physiology during my Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Camerino. This included six months of Erasmus studies at the University of Seville (Spain), where I studied neurophysiology.

Training and Development



Paci P, Mancini C, Nuseibeh B. (2022) The case for animal privacy in the design of technologically supported environments. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 8: 784794. Front. Vet. Sci. Open Access


French F, Hirsky-Douglas I, Väätäjä H, Chisik Y, Karl S, Kasuga H, Mangat M, Nannoni E, Paci P, Pons Tomas P, Vilker D, Zamansky A. (2021) Ethics and power dynamics in playful technology for animals: using speculative design to provoke reflection. In Academic Mindtrek 2021, 1-3 June 2021, Tampere, Finland, pp. 91-101 (ACM). ACM Library


Paci P, Mancini C, Price BA. (2020) Understanding the interaction between animals and wearables: the wearer experience of cats. In Proc. of the 2020 Int. Conf. on Designing Interactive Systems: more than human-centred design (DIS2020), Eindhoven, Netherlands, pp. 1701-1712 (ACM). Honourable mention award ACM Library Open Access


Paci P, Mancini C, Price BA. (2019) Designing for wearability: an animal-centred framework. In Proc. of the 6th Int. Conf. on Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI2019), art.8, pp. 1-12 (ACM). ACM Library or OU Repository

Paci P, Mancini C, Price BA. (2019) Wearer-centered design for animal biotelemetry: implementation and wearability test of a prototype. In Proc. of the 23rd Intern. Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC’19), London, UK, pp. 177-185 (ACM). ACM Library Open Access


Paci P, Mancini C, Price BA. (2017) The role of ethological observation for measuring animal reactions to biotelemetry devices. In Proc. of the 4th Intern. Conf. on Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI2017), Milton Keynes, UK, pp. 5:1–5:12 (ACM). ACM Library or OU Repository


Paci P, Mancini C, Price BA. (2016) Designing for wearability in animal biotelemetry. In Proc. of the 3rd Int. Conf. on Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI2016), Milton Keynes, art.13 (ACM). ACM Library or OU Repository

Paci P, Mancini C, Price BA. (2016) Towards a wearer-centred framework for animal biotelemetry. In Spink AJ (ed.) Measuring Behaviour 2016, Dublin, Ireland, pp. 465–469. OU Repository


Grappasonni I, Paci P, Mazzucchi F, De Longis S, Amenta F. (2012) Awareness of health risks at the workplace and of risks of contracting communicable diseases including those related to food hygiene, among seafarers. International Maritime Health 63, 1: 24-31. IMH


Grappasonni I, Paci P, Mazzucchi F, Amenta F. (2011) Survey on HIV risk perception and sexual behaviours among seafarers. International Maritime Health 62, 2: 131-137. IMH



Paci P. A wearer-centred framework to design for wearability in animal biotelemetry. PhD Thesis, The Open University. OU repository

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